Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online ordering

[Online Ordering] - Is a minimum online purchase amount required?

[Online Ordering] - Do I need to register on to complete my checkout?

[Online Ordering] - How do I know DecksGo received my order?

[Online Ordering] - Is my order confirmation email my official receipt?

[Online Ordering] - I am in Canada. Can I still shop online on Decksgo?

[Online Ordering] - How do I check on my order status?

[Online Ordering] - Can I place an order on products that are currently out of stock?

[Online Payment] - Can I make changes to or cancel my order once it has been placed?

[Online Payment] - What methods of online payment are available?

[Shipping, Delivery] - How do I set up a delivery?

[Shipping, Delivery] - What are the shipping rates?

[Shipping, Delivery] - Shipping Methods and Costs

[Shipping, Delivery] - Processing Time

[Shipping, Delivery] - Can you ship outside of the province and country?

[Shipping, Delivery] - Can I refuse the package if it is damaged?

[Returns & Exchanges] - What is your return policy for online purchase from Decksgo?

[Returns & Exchanges] - Will my shipping fees be refunded if I return an item?

[Returns & Exchanges] - What is the return policy?

[Cancellations] How can I cancel the order?

[Products] - Can I use my post anchor on concrete?

[Products] - How do I install deck foot anchors with the impact socket bundle?